Privacy Policy

Privacy/Personal Information Policy

Employment Connection (EC) values and respects an individual's right to keep certain Personal Information private. Likewise, EC values the need to collect and use Personal Information which will enable EC to effectively deliver products and services to assist persons with limited opportunities to self-sufficiency through employment. Data collected may be of a demographic, transactional, aggregate, or other nature. Aggregated data will only be used in a manner that cannot be tied to any individual. In general, EC only shares personal information as required by laws or contracts. EC never sells your personal information to third parties.

  1. EC Collection of Personal Information

    1. EC will collect Personal Information on an individual only if the individual provides the information to EC or a third party with knowledge of the individual provides that information to EC.
  2. EC Use of Personal Information

    1. When an individual provides Personal Information to EC, EC may use the Personal Information for its programs, research, fundraising, or other activities to further the mission of the agency.
    2. From time to time, there is a benefit in allowing a third party to use collected Personal Information on individuals. However, EC will not allow any third party to use Personal Information collected by EC unless an individual gives permission.
    3. EC may use, and allow third parties to use, Aggregate Information for research purposes for the development or implementation of its mission, programs, products, and services.
    4. EC may use Transactional Information for internal research purposes for the development or implementation of its mission, programs, products, and services only.
    5. Notwithstanding the rest of the policy, EC will of course disclose, or refrain from disclosing, information as required by law.
    6. EC will further suppress the use of an individual's Personal Information, to the extent reasonably possible, if so requested by that individual.
  3. Specific Requirements

    1. Administrative Requirements
      1. All Personal Information will be kept confidential and in a secure environment.
      2. Access to Personal Information will be restricted to only those personnel with a legitimate business purpose.
    2. Requests to Review, Restrict, or Edit Personal Information
      1. It is not the intent of EC to use personal information against the wishes of the individual. If you wish to review EC’s records on yourself, restrict the usage of your own personal information, or edit the personal information EC has in its possession, send the request to Brenda Mahr, CEO.
      2. Contact information for Brenda Mahr:

        Postal Mail: 2838 Market Street, St. Louis, MO 63103
      3. Timeframe. If you do not receive a notification that EC has received your request within 15 calendar days, please call (314) 333-JOBS (5627), ask for Brenda Mahr, and explain that you sent a request but have not received a notification that it has been received. If you do not receive a response to your request within 30 calendar days, again notify Brenda Mahr at the above phone number. Finally, if you are not satisfied with EC’s response, respond within 30 days to Brenda Mahr, explaining what further action needs to be taken. After a period of 30 days has elapsed, EC shall assume the action taken was sufficient.
      4. Limits. You may only review personal information that EC actually possesses on you, your minor child if you are the custodial parent or guardian, or other person as required by law. Nothing in this privacy policy grants you access to other people’s personal information